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George Washington Sierra Pens


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This tree dubbed "America's Historic Horse-Chestnut Tree" in 1926, was the last of thirteen horse-chestnut Trees's planted by George Washington on Fauquier Street in downtown Fredericksburg Virginia.

The Taco, Georgia chapter of the The Daughters of the American Revolution placed a bronze plaque at the base of the tree in 1924, indicating that this tree was named by Washington for the Colony of Georgia.

Washington planted these trees to represent each of the thirteen colonies, and to provide shade for his mother, Mary and sister, Betty, as they walked to and from each other's homes a short distance away.  In 2004 this national treasure finally succumbed to old age and had to be removed.

The Sierra pen is an industry standard for its smooth writing style and effortless utility.  The Sierra pen comes in a wide range of styles and can be easily tailored to your exact specifications.  Have one custom made for yourself with your choice of wood and color.  Or give it as gift that will stand out for its uniqueness and one of a kind styling. It can be hand made for you with all types of wood and comes in variety of platings. With a Parker refill, this ballpoint pen is sure to add grace to any writing project. Treat yourself or someone else!

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