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About The Artist

At first it was just a pastime, but my passion for woodturning intensified during middle school and continued into high school at which time I became even more drawn to the challenge of creating functional pieces of art from unfinished blocks of wood. In the beginning, I made simpler items like bowls and plates, but have now progressed to making a variety of items such as pens, bottle stoppers, serving pieces, flower pots and platters.
Each piece that I design is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated. I feel a huge sense of accomplishment in creating exclusive pieces, as people truly appreciate purchasing and collecting unique items, objects that are not mass produced. I put a great deal of thought and time into my work in order to give people the originality and creativity they are seeking. The various items I offer appeal to a wide range of clients. I am quite certain that this unique assortment has enabled me to get that “second look” from most buyers. In offering a wide variety I am able to challenge myself, as well as my woodturning skills, while enabling me to draw in a broad range of clients.
A wood-turned object begins as a rough block of wood. I choose the wood based on size and color. Each Individual piece of wood determines what that particular block is going to become: a pen, a tray, a bowl, etc. There are several steps involved in the woodturning process, such as cutting, shaping, sanding and finishing. All of this takes place on a machine called a lathe which turns the wood while it is being cut, hence the term “woodturning.” One of the final, yet crucial steps is removing the piece from the lathe.
Woodturning has been very satisfying for me. I have found great fulfillment in experimenting with new woods and complex projects, as well as providing my clients with innovative and imaginative pieces.